Why Sell?


Sell your mineral rights in Texas and Oklahoma to Shepherd Royalty

We are actively purchasing minerals in all of the shale plays around the United States, and our goal is to reward sellers of their mineral rights with the highest dollar amount being offered by any company.

With the fluctuations of oil and gas prices along with the uncertainty of drilling regulations, now is a great time to liquidate your mineral holdings into cash to mitigate these risks.

Take advantage of the low 15% capital gains tax rate on the sale of your minerals before it returns to 30%. Royalty payments are taxed at your normal tax rate of 25%-30%. Selling now could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Shepherd Royalty, LLC is owned and managed by several veteran oil and gas professionals with a history of integrity and fair dealing for the past 30+ years. We are currently purchasing mineral and royalty interest for a premium.

We will accommodate you with any type of sale you are interested in, prepare all documents, pay all filing fees and contact all oil companies and tax entities to ensure a timely and accurate transaction.

If you have any interest in selling your mineral rights, please contact us by email, phone, or mail with a description of what you own so that we will be able to make you a very competitive offer.

We have committed $100 Million for acquisitions in 2016. Sell your minerals to Shepherd Royalty LLC today! Contact Shepherd Royalty LLC today and talk to one of our experienced landmen.

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